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Saturday, September 29, 2012

To Calais We Will Go!

 Hi There!

We headed off early, this morning, to Calais, Maine!

We wanted to do some shopping and to see the "St. Croix International Quilters 2012 Quilt Show"!

What a rainy day!

On the way there, I noticed that the trees are starting to change colors.

 We went to Mardens and spent a good hour there....
and spent some money, too!


One of the customers, while waiting for our turn at the cash,
told us about this fairly new restaurant with GREAT food.

Yancy's Restaurant
332 North Street
Calais, Maine
(on the same side as "Family Dollarz" and almost right beside it)

We went.
We ate.
We left happy.

From there, we went to the Quilt show.

I spotted this Orca Bay Mystery Quilt,
within 2 minutes!!!

This was their "Back to Nature Raffle Quilt"
In case you're curious,
the answer is "No."

The draw was yesterday and
"No", we didn't win it.

I still don't care for quilt shows
that drap their quilts on church benches.

And YES, I can understand that
it's probably less work and hassle
if you have to hang them up....
But I still prefer "hung" quilts.

This heart and sheep quilt touched my heart!

Close-up of the sheep block.

Close-up of the heart block.

And yet ANOTHER close-up of the sheep block.

And a much better picture of the quilt...

That's about it!

Had a grand time,
in Calais!


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