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Friday, February 25, 2011

Rainbow Flowers in the Midst of a Winter Storm!

Hi There!

My goodness! It's been so long since I've blogged that even "Blogger" forgot who I was! I had to sign back in !!!


Well, I arrived from Florida, yesterday afternoon.... and as much as I tried, it didn't work.

*insert sad face*

I tried to somehow capture my friends and the sunshine and the palm trees.... and bring them all back with me.

As of 10h30 this morning, it was VERY obvious that the sun hadn't followed me home!


We're in the midst of yet ANOTHER snow storm....

Anyone want some of this?!?!?

If you pay for the shipping, I'll gladly pack it up and send you as MUCH as you want!


If some of you have been following
My Vacation Journal -
which I'm trying to update, ASAP, BTW...
you might have read that I've been working on some "Rainbow Flowers", by Inklingo.

Here's a picture of where I'm at, with my flowers.

I still need to sew the lower left hand flower onto the rest of them and finish off my last flower and then..... I might be adding more of what I call "acorns" around my flowers... to make it more of a circle....

But then again, would it look like a "flower" if it was almost a "circle".


We'll cross that bridge when we get to 'er.


Have a Flippin' Fabulous Friday!!!



RVjan said...

Rosa, I so enjoyed your vacation to FL. looks like good weather, friends and OMG! Food

Susan In Texas said...

Your rainbow flowers are wonderful. What is that going to become? How was your trip?

Welcome back,
Susan in Texas

tich said...

Great you are back!