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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Beauty's Coming Out...

Hi There!

Tuesday, after work, Mom called us up and asked us to go pick up a dog bed for their dog, "Bandit".

I had never heard of these, before.

Today, they dropped by for Bandit's bed.

As you can tell, he's like a King on his throne!

A few weeks ago, I won another blog contest with Prairie Moon Quilts!!!

I just loved this pattern, when she first showed it to us, on her blog.

But I was BLOWN AWAY, when I received it in yesterday's mail, and started looking over the pattern and instructions!!!


As my oldest son would say....



My parents came BACK to our house, after they picked up Bandit's bed!

My Mom (quietly) slipped my birthday card in our mail box.

I was very touched with their card...


This is inside the card.

On the left hand side of the card....

And, on the right hand side...

I had trouble reading it to the end....
my eyes were full of tears.

And, of course, on the back of the card?

Gosh, these people are great at creating cards!

And now, let me introduce to you,

(It was previously The Beast, but I tamed it!)

The handles are on, it's been in the wash and is now in the dryer.

Beauty will be coming with me to Florida!

Four buttons on my desktop.
Four days till I leave for Florida!!!

Have a Titillating Thursday!



Susan In Texas said...

Beauty is the Best!

Happy packing,
Susan in Texas

Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

Love how the "Beast" turned onto a "Beauty"'s
Gorgeous and Gilbert's quilting is wonderful!

You have 8 hours left of work ...I still have 20 1/2 work hours left :-(