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Saturday, January 10, 2009

HELP!!! Need some advice....

Hi there!

I signed up for a 30's and 40's fabric swap.

Now, I've been slowly accumulating these fabrics
but usually only purchase a 1/4 yard,
or a fat quarter.

I DO have a few pieces of MUCH bigger "chunks"....

But, since I don't consider myself a
30's and 40's fabric expert,
I thought I'd post a few pictures on here
and have YOU tell me if you think these
are 30's and 40's era...

I really wouldn't want to try and
swap out these fabrics,
if they're not 30's and 40's, right?

I've tried to take pictures of their selvages...

I have a big chunk of this pink one, in yellow, too...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Defenitely all 30-s fabrics my love! You can swap those darlings out! I withdraw from the sign up (snif snif) as it will be too much to handle for me as well with fabrics as postal costs. I just will do the H2H swap this year! But he I did order some lovely MODA fabrics from 2007 today at my LQS! She said I can ask her every month to send some of them to me and she will have the rest in back order! That's great! I was so afraid she might sell last parts before I had the chance of buying them! I feel so happy now! These were the fabrics I was planning to buy last saturday but ended up with totally other fabrics! I didn't like them that much as this line from Fig Tree Quilts. I just couldn't tell hubby! He spend a fortune that day! Have a great day!