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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hearts - DONE!!!

Hi there!

After, I don't know HOW MANY blogs I've done on my
"Heart 2 Heart" block swap, I've FINALLY finished them!!!!

FORTY heart blocks - most of them, all different!

And I did "most" of them, in double....
keeping 1 for me.

Am I happy, you ask?!?!?

No... I'm ECSTATIC!!!!

If you want to see it better, you can click on the picture,
for the BIG size!

And for those of you that are mathematically challenged - like me....
AND are "visually challenged" - like me....

I measured the width. It was 55 inches (approx.).

Now, mind you most of these are over-sized
and there's a space between them -
just imagine sashing, there, instead of a space.

Anyhow, that's about the size of the quilt,
that 40 blocks will give you. *s*

Hoping to mail these out to the "Swap Hostess",
this weekend....



spinquilt said...

After seeing all your heart blocks I wish I had joined that swap. Mind you I still owe you and Susan DJ blocks so I am not joining any more swaps until those are done. You may even get them some time this year.

Pat from FL and MI said...

Well done Rosa! That's looks like a swap you get back, not what you send (generally alike). Very creative! Wonder which one will be mine?

Cyn:) said...

WOWZER, Rosa, what a great job! They are all so pretty. I wonder which one will come to live at my house? Can't wait!

Mary Ann said...

Your hearts are all so lovely, Rosa! Should make a really beautiful quilt!!

Brigitte said...

gratulation, dear Rosa!!! I'll work on them early February, during my Retreat. Lucky me will get at least one of this beauties! and the private swapped hearts - dancing around here in Poland
XOXOX Brigitte

Anonymous said...

Oh, so pretty! Wish I could have stayed in this swap...but not enough time in the day. Great Job :)