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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hearts - 27 to 30!!!

Hi there!

I'm stilling dealing with a sore tummy,
and trying to forget the discomfort which
borderlines on pain, sometimes.

Anyhow, I decided to try and finish off
the remaining hearts, this morning.

Unfortunately, I only made it to 30
but on the positive (and also unfortunate side),
some have dropped out of the swap.

We "were" 46 and now we're down to 40.

These 2 are almost identical 'cept
I ran out of the small polka dot print,
so I reversed the colors.

Now, around 11 a.m. this morning,
I figured I'd try out a rather complicated one.

A LOT of teeny weeny bits of paper, to remove afterwards....

And the results weren't quite as spectacular
as I had hoped.

So, at this point, I made a decision.
I didn't want this one.
Now, if you're one of the unfortunate ones that gets this one
and you don't care for it, either....

PLEASE send me an email
and I'll gladly make you a better one, okay????

I obviously only made one of these...
too much work, for the results, IMHO. *s*

Then, I made ANOTHER decision.

Remember how I'm trying to make them ALL different?

Well, at this point, I have sooo many other
projects on the go, or that need to be started,
that I changed my mind.

Did 4 of these "simple" ones.

Anyhow, it's now 6h35 p.m and I've had a GREAT DAY -
sore tummy and all!!!

I was able to sew, almost un-interrupted - ALL DAY!!!

Hope you all had a great day, too!



Elly D said...

They look great Rosa! All of them >G< I hope your tummy improves...

Anonymous said...

Rosa, you are really out doing yourself on these H2H blocks, they are all so pretty :)