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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Callie - our cat

Hi there!

We have 3 cats and they each have their own personality!

Callie, is timid and skittish. During the past 2 years,
she's been visiting us, in the evenings, for a little neck rub
and a few cat treats. *s*

Last evening, Gilbert video taped her.

Callie trying to grab her treats.

Since she LOVES these treats, I've been trying to make it
more difficult for her to get them.

In other words, I sometimes make her work for them. LOL

Hope you enjoy the video!



Anonymous said...

Love the video, Rosa! But of course I'm a cat lover and I love watching them. Very pretty kitty. Thanks for sharing :)
Hugs, Terry

Mary Ann said...

She's so cute, Rosa!
You can see she's used to selv-serve!

Cyn:) said...

OMGosh, that is so cute! Way high on the "darling" meter. My lazy kitty would starve before working that hard to get a treat! LOL. Loved it. Thank you for sharing. I just love visiting your blog, Rosa; one never knows what they will find! *vbg*

RagDoll said...

I also have a Callie