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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sheep & Silly Friends = Christmas Love

Hi there!

My friend, Elaine, sent me a surprise Christmas gift!

She purchased a sheep, on my behalf and this sheep is going to a family that will love it and look after it and shear it and the sheep and it's wool will (hopefully) help them improve their life.

Heifer International

Here's a web link that I've always enjoyed.

"The Sheep Market" = 10,000 sheep drawn by workers in a company. Just let your mouse "hover" over each little dot and a drawing of a sheep will pop up.
Neat, eh?

Then, this week, I received the funniest card from Elaine!

Elaine didn't realize it, but if I squint my eyes, I can see my dog "Belle". Belle was a mixed breed - a corgi dog possibly mixed up chihuahua... but mostly corgi.

Unfortunately, I had to put her to sleep almost 10 years ago.... but I still think of her. *s*

And I chortled with laughter, once I read her Christmas card!

Tks Elaine!!!!
(YES - Elaine's a GREAT friend!!!!)



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Frummie said...

yes she is! What a great gift! I have to remember that.