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Friday, November 26, 2010

And Sometimes We Need Help...

Hi There!

Ooops.... I just realized that I uploaded these pics on the "big" format. Hope it doesn't cause any problems for you and your computer.

Well, as some of you might remember, I've been pursuing my other passion - "hooking".

And, as I love to push the envelope at times, I've entered this hooking challenge. My first challenge was to hook a 12" x 12" piece, with yarn.

And, I decided to hook this free pattern that I received this spring.

At this point, I'm working on the border.... or the frame, if you wish.

Did I mention that I HATE to work with yarn?!??? And I'm ever so grateful for this challenge 'cause I would never, EVER have known that I absolutely HATE to hook with yarn!

(See?!?!? I always try to think positive! *VBG*)

Well, Callie, our calico cat decided to jump on our desk and try to help. Actually, she was extending her paw, on many occasions... hoping that I would pet her.


Hope you all have an excellent weekend!



Caron said...

That would also make an awesome quilt, wouldn't it?

Frummie said...

Beautiful Honey!!!!!