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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"How's My Day, So Far?", you ask.

Hi There!

So you want to know how my day's been, so far, eh?

Well, got up at 6h45 a.m., got dressed and went to work. I work in a fairly big building and once in the office, I share my 8 hours of work, with a co-worker.

Around 11h30 a.m., I come home to eat.

Since we have a couple cats, I always try to watch where I'm stepping, in our back yard... "Gifties" from cats are no fun to step in.

Then, after lunch, I go back out to the car, carefully watching where I put my feet.

Got back to work, safely.... no problem.

The rest of the afternoon was rather uneventful.

I finish work at 4h00 p.m. and I called up Gilbert to remind him that I was heading off to Curves.

During our conversation, I looked down
and TO MY HORROR, saw THIS!!!!


NOBODY - even myself - NOTICED that I had 2 different shoes on?!?!?!?

Well, of course I still went to Curves and had to share with them my "story". Believe it or not, there was another gal there that she did the same thing... only she had 2 different colored shoes on!


Hope you're having a better day than me!

I'm heading downstairs for supper and then, out the door....

It's our monthly Quilt Guild meeting!

Later 'gators!



Elly D said...


inevulin= I nevu Laugh IN

Frummie said...

I'm with Elly..


Brigitte said...

thanks for the laugher, Rosa
But I'm in the same boad, story on my blog - hugs Brigitte

viridian said...

Rosa you are so funny. Congrats on losing some weight from a fellow 'loser'.

Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

You made my stomach hurt from laughing so hard!

And I'm still LOL!