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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Me and a Bunch of Hookers Got Together....

Hi There!

Yesterday morning, my friend Karen picked me up to go to the "Hurricane Hook-In", in St. Andrews, New Brunswick.

Boy did I have FUN!!!

I told Karen that I could probably do this 5 days a week, full-time, if I could! I just need to figure out a way to win the lottery, find a place big enough to do this, find a few women who are as crazy as I, find some other women who are willing to cook our meals.....

insert *EXTRA LONG SIGH* here

But it all comes back to winning the lottery....


Anyhow, I took a few pictures to share.

This lady had a GORGEOUS hand-dyed piece of fabric - her background - that her sister dyed for her.... and she was "needle punching", I believe it's called.

It was beautiful!!!

And this other lady told me that she drew these leaves herself... Such incredible vibrant colors!!!! And she was planning on using "Briggs and Little" yarn, called "Fog", for the background.

Lovely, isn't it?!??!

Kim, from Fredericton, was sitting in front of me. She was hooking a wall hanging for her brother... I just LOVE the "fish scales" around her main image!

And here's my friend Karen, explaining something or other. This past month, Karen was brave and decided to dye some of her wool with (non-sugared) Kool-Aid!

The mat that she has in front of her is made up of her OWN hand-dyed wool!
Neat, eh?

I just LOVE those bright colors!!!

And do you remember the project that I was working on?

Well, I certainly managed to make some headway with this one!

Then, I took a picture of some of the finished rug projects, that were hung up on their exposition wall.... S'always fun to look, admire (ooohs and aaaahs) and to see different techniques.

Like any quilt show or retreat, there are vendors. Since we only have 1 gal in our area that sells wool, books and even (fabric) batiks, she and her hubby were there.

She had a series of these books and I picked up this one.

Not only do I like snowmen, but this book shows SOOOOOO many different options, with just one pattern!!! And there are PLENTY of patterns in this book!!!

You can make quilt items with the same pattern, or woolen items - you know, just like penny rugs? You blanket stitch around it, if you wish.

And then, they give you examples on how you can add any of these patterns on your plain sweatshirt, for example.

I think there are even pincushions, in this book, as well as a couple framed "pictures".

And then, of course, you can hook MOST of these patterns, if not ALL of them!

I would definitely recommend THIS book if you love snowmen.... but there are a bunch of other ones, in this series as well!

One was called "Falloween", which I thought was an incredible blending of names as well as a great book. (I'll probably be picking that one up at another hook-in! LOL)

Well, it's now Sunday morning and we had to change our time again... What a pain in the butt - but I won't go there... Nope! I refuse to start my Stinkin' Thinkin' this morning. I'm hoping to head downstairs and do some sewing today!

Got the binding to do on my "Thanksgiving Table Topper" - Yep, I'm a bit late but that's the way my life is, at times!

Gonna finish LAST month's Block Of the Month, from our local quilt shop - Yep, I'm late on that one too!

Gonna try and do a DJ block or two - Yep, I haven't done one of those in over a month, I believe... I was suppose to try and do 5 or 6 of them PER WEEK! LOL

And the list goes on and on and on...
(ooops, just remembered that it's Sunday and I usually have laundry, on Sunday's!!!)

Hope you have a GREAT Sunday!!!!

Here's a cute picture that I had posted the LAST time we had a time change... Even with the pain-in-the-butt time change, I still find this incredibly funny!

(Click on picture to see it better)



Barb said...

I just laughed at your post title....looks like when you hookers get together creativity flows and fun.

Pat from FL and MI said...

Lots of good eye candy with the hookers! Love the saying at the end too. We changed all our clocks today too.

Quiltdoodles said...

You and your friends are so talented! Loved seeing these rugs. :)

tich said...

Thanks for sharing the rugs. They look great!