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Monday, November 1, 2010

Cinderella (AKA The "Princess")

Hi There!

As some of you might remember,
I've affectionately nicknamed
one of my nieces as
"The Princess",
or "Princess Sophia".

Yesterday evening,
my sister and her hubby,
went door to door,
trick-or-treating with....

"Cinderella" !!!!

Here you see Princess Sophia,
OH ... SORRY...
I meant ....

stepping out of her pumpkin!


Where do witches go shopping?

At the Boooo-tique!


Hope you had a hauntingly
wonderful Halloween!



tich said...

She is gorgeous. We heard a knock on the conservatory door. When I went(pitch dark) there were five ghouls waiting for me!!

Riel said...

Oh my goodness. That pumpkin is classic!!!! Just the best!!!

Frummie said...

Absolutely adorable. We get nobody. We live in a gate 55+ community. I do miss the costumes though.