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Friday, November 19, 2010

Gobble, Gobble!!!

Hi there!

My friend, Elaine, is having her

"2nd Annual Thanksgiving
(Quilting) Give-A-Way

(or you can click on the turkey to get to her page)

I've been the lucky winner on one of her Give-A-Ways before and TRUST ME, you really don't want to miss this blog contest!

HURRY ON OVER to her site!

All's you gotta do is post a comment - Elaine LOVES comments and then, tell everyone on YOUR blog about HER contest. Yah, I know, it cuts back on your chances of winning by telling everyone else but, like they say.....

If you don't try, you'll never win, eh?


Have a great weekend!



Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

Thanks Rosa for your post!

We're spreading all our blessings this Holiday season...


Elaine, your Faithful Quilter

Frummie said...

I started a post and it got lost in space.

Love the poem. BTW, only 87 days more, if I counted right...LOL