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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

What's New, Part Two

Hi There!

Just thought I'd share with you
what we had hanging outside,
during the month of October.

Gilbert and I made a series
of these cute (IMHO) hanging signs.

This morning, we removed
our pumpkin and replaced it
with THIS sign.

One of our clients came
and picked up her quilt,
this afternoon.

She complimented us
on our poppy sign.

Well, as some of you know,
I took the day off today.

I got my hair cut...

And Gilbert got HIS hair cut, too.
But, at the Barber shop,
not at the Hair Dressers.

Since I've FINALLY finished
my Thanksgiving Table Topper,
Gilbert started to quilt it.

(He's trying to get ideas on how it was quilted, in the book)

And even though it's not completed quilted
and, of course, I'll need to do the binding
and add a label to it,
I had promised my friend, Frummie,
that I would show her what it looked it.

A lot of the fabrics in this quilt are gifties
from her and Elaine.

A proper "Thanksgiving" Quilt....
wouldn't you say?!?!?



Barb said...

You two make a fabulous couple!!

Frummie said...

Hey Barb, are you talking about Rosa and I...he-he-he

tich said...

That quilt looks fabulous. Looking forward to seeing it quilted!