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Sunday, October 31, 2010

What's New, Eh?

Hi there!

Well, since I haven't been blogging
as often as I usually do,
I thought I'd share with you
"What's New, Eh?"
in my world.

Two weeks ago, I helped out with a
"Sunday Tea", with our quilting guild.

First time for me and HEY!
I had fun!

I volunteered to make 10 "pins"
and as we had a fall theme going on
I went to visit our local Dollar Store!

I also volunteered to make
some "Mug Rugs".
I made 8 for the tea and
gave one away to one of our
loyal longarm clients.

Here's the back of the Mug Rug.

And here's the front....

Well, Gilbert's working on yet ANOTHER gadget for "Bertha" and him.

This time, he's cutting up a (hollow) door - don't ask me what the specific name for these doors, but it's the kind that you use inside a home.

He measured his space and the length that he wanted. Actually, he probably measured this, 50 thousand times! LOL
(Measure twice, cut once, right?)

He had to re-glue the sides.

Once this was done, he painted the one side of the door. Two coats, actually.

And we might end up making some quilt blocks on that side.

"What in tarnation is he making???", you ask.

Well, he's making a made-t0-measure
ironing board,
to use on Bertha's table.

I'll keep blogging on each step,
and you'll see what I mean.

Here's Gilbert, this morning....

Watching a You-Tube video
and drinking his Tim Horton's coffee.

Finally, I finished my "CowBoy Blessing"...
it's bound and has it's label.

This is a pattern that I had won
with "Prairie Moon Quilts".

I've finished my "Thanksgiving Table Topper"
but it's on Bertha, right now and
Gilbert should be quilting it, tomorrow.

I've also FINALLY put together the
rows, on point, of my Crumb Quilt
but I need to add a few borders,
around it.

I didn't bother taking any pictures.

I will share pictures with you,
once these last two projects are finished.

Have a great week!



Pat from FL and MI said...

Too cool. I always love your posts. Go Gilbert. Go Rosa.

Frummie said...

I have just sat down to read everyone's blog. As usual, the first one I go to is yours. I love the ironing board.

As Pat said, Go Gilbert, Go Rosa