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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bad News and Good News!

Hi There!

Here's the bad news....

See "My Fitness Pal" ticker, at the top of my blog?

I've been slowly sliding back to where I had started.
Things like this cake that I picked up 'bout
2 weeks ago, sure doesn't help...
It helped my sweet tooth, at the time, but
the scale is ALWAYS there to
remind you afterwards, right?

I had promised my friend, Elaine,
that I would be going back to the gym -
probably with "Curves", this time.

About every 2nd or 3rd phone call, Elaine would ask,
"So, how was Curves today?"....
or "Oh, did you swing by Curves, lately?"
Actually, it's become a running joke with us!
When she asks me those questions,
I suddenly make static noise, on the phone...
pretending that the line's bad and that I can't hear her!


Well, yesterday, after work....
guess where I went, Elaine?!??!?!

I got the tour of the place and this morning,
bright and early, I was at....

Yep, I went to "Curves"!!!!

Yesterday, when I watched the
women exercising, I thought to myself,

"Sheeeshe! I don't know!
Sure looks like a bunch of woosey exercises..."

Well, I KNOW I'm defeating the purpose
of exercise this morning, but we went
and had pizza for dinner....

As for the "woosey" exercises,
I left "Curves" this morning with
a fair amount of perspiration goin' on
AND this evening?
Well, let's just say that I've become
reacquainted with muscles that I had
long forgotten about! LOL

Soooo, my good friend, Elaine....

I have one free week with "Curves"
and I will "OFFICIALLY" sign up with them
on the 1st of November - I promise!


Headin' off to bed....
Even my finger muscles are
complainin' from all this keyboard typing!




Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

So the one time I talk to you and don't ask...geese why didn't you say something???

But on the other glad that you are going!

You're going to LOVE it!!

And you'll really feel good when you come home all sweaty, it becomes your BADGE OF HONOR!

Good for you Rosa, so very proud that you took this step!



Barb said...

GREAT!!!! Keep it up...and if you are like me, it is just one vicious cycle...but keep trying.

Caron said...

Rosa Darlin, that cake is not going to get you to your goal, but it looks great! Maybe you need to have surgery like I did?!?!? Seriously, the cake looks marvelous!!!!