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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Prince Edward Island - 2nd Blog

Hi There!

I've decided to post ALL my PEI pictures, on this blog.

Sooooooooo, beware - there's quite a few pictures, in this blog.

Okay, this is the non official tour of
Prince Edward Island.

PEI has three "money-makers":
Anne of Green Gables

Yes, of COURSE it's an INCREDIBLE island,
the residents are laid back and
all the land and dirt is "red" - like a brick red, actually.

Prince Edward Island sure knows
how to market all of this!

From what I can tell,
they seem to always have
some kind of "Anne" theatre production,
going on...

Gilbert took a picture of this poster.

Okay, while we were at the
"North Shore Island Traditions - Past & Present Rug Shop", I took a picture of their rug frame. It looks like mine, 'cept there's a bottom part missing.
(NOTE: Gilbert's added the bottom part, on mine, since this picture was taken.)

This also, was taken on our 1st trip to Prince Edward Island. Here's where I picked up the "Magic Tile" pattern.
"Bargain Fabric Outlet"

We also went to visit this fabric store,
in Charlottetown:
"Quilting B & More"

Just before we left Charlottetown,
to come back home,
we stopped at "Cows Creamery".

Gilbert and I decided to buy each other a t-shirt.

Remember I mentioned "marketing"?

Well, you get this cute bag, when you buy something at "Cows"!

This is MY t-shirt....

It's a parody about Tim Horton Coffee.
(Tim Holstein's)

And this is the back of the t-shirt.

This is the back of Gilbert's T-shirt.

And this is the front of his t-shirt...
Another parody.

We also stopped at PEI Liquor Store.

And we got ourselves a
lovely bottle of red wine!

Now, just before we crossed the
"Confederation Bridge",
we stopped at the little tourist boutiques and picked up another t-shirt, each. These ones came with the cutest bags!

And, they were on sale!!!!

Here's what the t-shirt looked like:

Well, that's enough for Prince Edward Island!

Have a great Tuesday!



ennadoolf said...

Oh, I do hope to visit there someday! Thanks for sharing your photos with us!

Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

I wanna come back! I wanna, I wanna!

Your posts of PEI are a great memory of our trip last October to Canada!

Wish I was there again... I wanna come back!


Elaine in SLO, Ca

Shelly said...

You guys have so much fun!

Anonymous said...

thanks for share.