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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Contest is Closed!

Hi There!

Well, some of you are rather clever....

I had hoped the contest would go on
for a couple days and that
Gilbert and I would be chuckling,
at each and every post.

"Litemotif" guessed it, already!


Yes folks - It's a "something" to hold
Gilbert's longarm pantographs!

Here are the 3 inch PVC tubes.
It was originally 10 ft long
but Gilbert sawed them down to
14 inches and also filed the edges,
to make them smoother.

He already had his "plan" in his mind's eye
and thankfully, once he got all
the "tubes" cut to the proper size
and he started glueing them,
it all came together nicely!

In this picture, he's holding down the
latest tubes until the glue dries....
which was fairly quick.

Here, he's showing me that he will
be adding brackets, to the end of
the tubes, so that he can
affix them to the wall.

And this is basically what it will look like.

Some pantographs are bigger, some longer
and some are "thicker" when rolled up.

BTW, in case you're wondering,
Gilbert selected light weight
yet sturdy tubes.

The smaller tubes are from
central vacuum system.
You could probably pick some up
at your local vacuum store.

Well, late this afternoon, the paint had dried and
he spray painted his tubes white.

He will give them a 2nd coat tomorrow
and then, once dried,
will hang up his pantograph holder.

Of course I'll take a picture of the final product...



Shirley in Canada said...

Amazing and how ingenious of him! Great job done!

Cyn ;-) said...

Brilliant idea... absolutely BRILLIANT!!!

Wenche said...

Clever! :)