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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

Hi There!

My youngest sister lives
'bout 1-1/2 hours drive, from here...
(you'll understand why I wrote this, in a bit)

Now, my sister's an EXCELLENT cook!
But, IMHO, she specializes in desserts...
Cheese Cakes, regular cakes, pies,
fancy cookies, creamy (fancy) squares -
you name it and I'm positive she's made it!

At our family functions,
I've stopped fretting and worrying
about bringing some kind of dessert...
in the back of my mind, now, I say,
"Oh, she's bound to bring SOME incredible
dessert - I won't bother."
(Thanks Sis!!!)

Recently, she's taken several cake decorating classes.

Thursday evening, she sends me THIS picture,
via email.

She made cupcakes for her daughter's class.

Incredible, eh?

If we lived close to each other,
I'm afraid I'd have to be "pushed" around in a wheelchair,
instead of just waddling around!


Love ya, Sis!!!!


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SylvieLeadbeater said...

You should have put a picture of the spider cupcakes....