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Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Blog Contest

Hi There!

Well, Gilbert and I have been discussing how a "something" or "other" would be very practical for Gilbert and his 3A Quilting business. We've surfed the web and searched high and low to find a "something" or "other" to help him. Couldn't find this "something"... nor could we find this "other", either!


We finally put our collective heads together and came up with a design for our own "something". And, as I've signed up for the "Process Pledge" (see on the right hand side of my blog), I've decided to post pictures of Gilbert making this "something", right?

Anyhow, I thought,

"WOW! What a neat Blog Contest!!!
I'll get people to try and
guess what this something is, eh?!?!?"

Here's the first picture.

Here's the 2nd picture.

Gilbert still has a lot more work to do on this "something".

Okay, here's my first 2 hints:
It's not completed, yet.
It has to do with the Longarm.

Here are the rules:
1 - Please try to guess once per day, only. And NO, you don't need to post every day, to win.
2 - If you're set up as "anonymous", you'll either have to post your email addy, or change your settings. I'm sorry, but I can't guess who you are, if you're "anonymous".
3 - I'll be posting updated pictures, possibly every day or every second day, as well as adding 2 more hints.
4 - As soon as someone guesses what this "something" is or what Gilbert will be using it for, I'll announce their name and the contest will end.

The prize?
Hmmmm, not sure yet.
I'll have to think of something
but what it will be, I'm positive you'll enjoy it!

But seriously, aren't these blog contests so much fun - do we really CARE what the prize is?!?? LOL

Good luck!

Rosa (& Gilbert, too!)


Frummie said...

Rollers to make itsy bitsy quilts.


viridian said...

Frummie, that was thought too. rollers like similar to those by John Flynn for regular-sized sewing machines.

Rosa Robichaud said...

To Frummie and Veridian:

Nope… but that was a good guess, though… *grin*

Tks for trying, for today…. Come back tomorrow for a second guess… I suggest that you post your guess (tomorrow) later in the evening. I might have some more pictures to share.

Unless, of course, someone guesses this "something" before then.


LiteMotif said...

Looks like a way to hold your pantographs.

Lisa Marie said...

It's tubes to hold your panto patterns. IF it is, what a great idea I may have to use it myself!!

Rosa Robichaud said...

Hi There!

GOSH, but some of you are rather good at guessing!

Litemotif... you have 24 hours to get back to me, otherwise the prize will go to the next person.

Litemotif - you're on "no reply"... that's why I can't email you, to congratulate you! *grin*

Contest is now ended and YES, these will be pantograph holders.

I'll be posting pictures of Gilbert's progress on these.

Tks for trying out my contest. *s*


Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

Gosh and here I thought Gilbert was making a pipe organ so you could play it while he quilted!

Boy am I disappointed!



Elaine in SLO,Ca

Pat from FL and MI said...

Elaine, I, too, thought it was a pipe organ! LOL! You can tell who the long-armers are, can't you.