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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall Table Topper

Hi There!

Gilbert and I went to the Dollar Store, after work and I picked up this cute teddy bear sweater, for $1.25!!!

Okay.... so I'm sure you all agree with me that the table topper that I have there, doesn't really go for "fall" season, right?

And, I'm POSITIVE you'll ALL agree with me that there's a BIG difference between "Gotta-Do-Projects" and "Wanna-Do-Projects", right? And that, at some point.... "Wanna-Do-Projects" can quickly become "Gotta-Do-Projects", otherwise you'll go nuts... from the yearning and the NEED to do it!


I rest my case....

Here is my New-To-Me project (AKA "Wanna-Do-Project")

Wouldn't this table topper look like.... ONE HUNDRED TIMES BETTER than the cute, summerish table topper that I now have?!??!

And wouldn't it be like the RIGHT time to do this, so that I can put it on the table, hopefully, before Christmas?!?!?


I KNEW I could convince you all to agree with me!!!!


Now, I just need to make 8 more "Mug Rugs", to go with those place mats that I made....



Cathy said...

LOL....I love your 'legal' Case for making the fall topper. Just go ahead and make it! Hopefully you have some scrap fabrics in your stash. If not, compromise! Can't wait to see it. I live most in wanna-be's. My time gets away from me.

Susan said...

What book is that in? That is lovely. And doesn't look too hard.

If you start it now you can have it finished for next autumn.

Elly D said...

Well I do LOVE the summer one BUT the "wanna, gotta, do" one would fit the current season a bit better and also go better with that very cute bear :) LOL

Don't you just find that as the seasons change so does ones taste in colour :))

bablest :- one who talks the most ?? >G<
aarrgh then I entered it wrong and it is now
phytho - physco with a lipth

Elly D said...

ps forgot to say I LOVE the one in the book :)

wingne... something we do a lot of, LOL...;)

Cyn ;-) said...

gorgeous... go for it. Like Elly, i think it will look darling with the little bear! I sure like the other one too. lol