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Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Queen in 3-D!

Hi There!

Well, you can definitely call me a sporadic blogger.... I go days without blogging and then, "POOF!", I post lots of blogs!

Actually, what happens is that my camera gets loaded down with pictures that I wanted to share with you and then, I do a self-kicking-to-the-butt, along with a stern lecture and designate a specific time, to upload these pics.

For the previous week or so,
CBC had been advertising that
they would be showing a FIRST EVER...

3-D T.V.!!!!

You had to go to Canada Post and pick up your (free) 3-D glasses.

The documentary?

The British Queen and her coronation, along to present day.... to be viewed on the 20th of this month.

Gilbert and I went to our local Canada Post office and picked up a couple pair of these 3-D glasses, in anticipation of seeing something incredible.

In as much as I do understand and appreciate the work and talent that went into filming this documentary, Gilbert and I were BOTH very disappointed...

If it wasn't for the designated people telling you when to put your 3-D glasses on or off, we wouldn't have realized or known what was 3-D or what wasn't. And even WHEN you were supposed to put them on.... honestly? it sure didn't look "3-D" to us.

I'd give this show a 3, out of 10.
(my 25 cents worth)


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