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Friday, September 24, 2010

Gifties from Florida!

Hi There!

S'me again!

As I mentioned in my previous post, we picked up a parcel in Calais. My friend Frummie had sent me a few things.

She sent me a Minick & Simpson quilt pattern. I told her that I might not make this quilt but that the beach appliqués were EXCELLENT for a hooked rug that I was dreaming about.


Frummie had mentioned this skirt in previous phone calls. She graciously sent me the pattern, specifying that I could make a skirt for Princess Sophia and anyone other little "princesses" in my family....

And here's a gifty that my wrist will surely thank her, for.... many, many times!

A hook rug frame!

This will be a cah-zillion times better than an embroidery hoop!

Got some great hook rugging plans on the brain.... I'll keep you all posted on this!



Barb said...

Wonderful giftiees...lucky you!

frummie said...

When it comes to Rosa, "lucky" is not the word...she is not a chance thing...she is everything wonderful!

BTW! Keep those covers on the frame when you hook. It does save the skin...LOL!

Hugs Sweetie

Frummie said...

Me again....

How are you both feeling today. Colds gone?

Cyn ;-) said...

Terrific! Love the Rug Frame... you'll get tons of use outta that one, Rosa.
And, DITTO what Frummie said! Both of us are 'official' members of the "Rosa Fan Club"! rofl
cyn; -)