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Friday, September 24, 2010

Calais (Maine) Quilt Show

Hi There!

Gilbert and I went to Calais, Maine, USA, today.

We had to pick up a parcel, we did some shopping
and we also went to a quilt show!


Gilbert took this picture,
with his iPhone!

I took these 3 pictures,
with my camera.

Do you see Gilbert, in my pictures?

Lovely, LOVELY quilts!!!!!

But, I sure do hate to complain,
but golly gee.... the quilts were nicely
folded up, on the back of the pews,
almost one on top of the other...


You could barely "see" them,
let alone ADMIRE them!

*long sigh*

If any of your guilds are preparing a quilt show.... PLEASE .... DO NOT let them display the quilts, this way! It's probably easier for the organizers, compared to hanging them up but the viewer sure has a difficult time gazing at each and every one.

Sorry, I just had to share...


1 comment:

Betweens said...

Rosa I agree with you 100% I have gone to 2 quilt shows that I will not go to again because of this way of displaying...which is too bad cause I am a quilt show junky.
They are beautiful quilts but it is like seeing quilts in cyberspace you can almost see them but not glad that someone feels like I do.. I know some would say it is because they don't have can rent them from another guild. most guilds will let you use them for free just put them back they way you found them in the storage area..