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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Elaine - Don't Read This!!!

Hi There!

Just a little background info, here....

My friend Elaine has been trying to "convince" me to start exercising again and to "watch" what I eat. I told her that I WAS "watching" what I was eating and it was ALL VERY TASTY!!!


Anyhow, I "was" to have re-started at the beginning of September, and I KNOW you can all relate to this, but I have LOADS of excuses....

I was still on vacation.
I went 3 times and most of their machines were broken... waiting to get fixed.
We had clients coming and I had to be home, for them.
Then, there was the Quilt Show, which TOTALLY stressed me out.

Oh, and HERE'S a good one....

I didn't "FEEL" like going to the gym....


Anyhow, in our defense, we barely ate all day yesterday and, on our way home from Calais, Maine, we stopped off at "Comeau's Seafood Restaurant", in Pennfield, New Brunswick.

OH-M-GEE !!!!

I decided to splurge and get the SMALL "Seafood Platter".

In this picture, see our waitress, to the right of Gilbert?!??

Gilbert got a poutine and here's my SMALL platter....

1 piece of fish, maybe 5 scallops, 3 shrimp and a whole BUNCH of fried clams and french fries!

No, I didn't eat it all!

I left quite a few fries behind.... but it was SOOOOOO good!!!!!



tich said...

I'm trying to imagine a large platter - BUT it does look good.

frummie said...

Nah-nah-nah-nah-na! (just a little taunting) I am calling Elaine right now and tattling.
The food does look DELISH!!!!!
Hugs Sweetie,

Joan said...

Oh Rosa...I sympathise with you. I have put on heaps of weight. Just got back from Bali...and I now need to diet too...That food surely looks wonderful :)

LuAnn said...

The platter looks wonderful, and there is always October to start. But it is so near the end of the year you could just wait til 2011. Love the quilt show photos in the earlier post.

viridian said...

I cannot imagine a large platter.
No, rosa, start again. I am one week in to a medically supervised diet, the kind where you drink shakes. I need to lose too! you can do it. Maybe if we all do this together....

viridian said...

OK back again. I went to my fitness pal and I got a weight ticker too! I hope this helps me keep motivated!