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Saturday, September 11, 2010

"Florida Leaves"

Hi there!

Okay, here's yet some more pictures that I've wanted to share with you all... and YES, contrary to popular opinion... I HAVE been busy!


My friend, Frummie, sent me a couple (un-quilted) wallhangings and said, "Do what you want with them. I don't want them anymore!"

So, after much discussions and brainstorming, Gilbert and I decided that, like any good quilt shop, we desperately needed permanent quilts and mini quilts EVERYWHERE, in our studio! Our clients would get an eye-full PLUS get to see what kind of work that Gilbert and Bertha do, eh?

Well, we decided that Frummie's incredible appliquéd leaves would have a spot in our studio.... right over our doorway!

To make it fit, I had to rip out the border that Frummie had added to this mini quilt top.

Gilbert then decided he'd have fun and play with these leaves... In other words, show off some of his newly learned talents.

Here, he's using one of his new plastic "circles"...

As you can see, these lines are square and although it might look fairly simple, he's had to practice and try out a few techniques, before being able to produce this. *grin*

Here, Gilbert decided to make some (artistic) tree branches.

This one's my favorite!

And here's some echoing....

And this is the one that he used his plastic circles.... to create another kind of echoing.

See? This is where we've decided to hang this one!

I made the binding, added a label and some loops, on the back and Gilbert passed a dowel through the loops. Then, we decided to go pick up a few walnuts, at our City Market. Gilbert drilled a hole through two walnuts, cleaned out it's interior and that's what he used, for the end of the dowels.

Pretty neat, eh? We thought the walnuts would add to the "leafy" theme.

And didn't Frummie do an INCREDIBLE job, on the leaves?!??!?

I've decided to call this piece,
"Florida Leaves".

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Frummie said...

I love the leaves, NOW!
What a difference Gilbert's quilting makes. I am so happy they found a home in your studio.
Hugs Lovey

Barb said...

I love the way you placed it above the doorway...just wonderful!

Barb said...

I love the way you placed it above the doorway...just wonderful!

Pat from FL and MI said...

What great work! The the walnut shells.