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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Halloween Quilt #3

Hi there!

Well, here's another similar question to my previous blog....

If you have a cute panel, search high and low in your stash for the "back" of your panel, give it to your favorite LongArm quilter, square it up and then, bind it.....

Was it YOUR project?
Can you consider this as one
of your "finished" UFO's?!??

Here, Gilbert let himself loose and
did a lot of fun stuff, on this panel.


Would you believe that he did the houses
and stars 'n loops, free hand?!?!?

And here's the final project.
Once again, it's hanging in
our LongArm studio...
AKA "Bertha's Room"

It was a cute Halloween panel,
that I had picked up at Mardens for $2.24 (US Funds)!!!

I find they're a cheap and easy way to decorate
Bertha's walls and give some "eye candy",
for our customers.

I have already picked up a Christmas one and a Valentine's one....
both are yet to be quilted.


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