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Monday, September 27, 2010

Dots Me Jane

Hi There!

Even though I haven't shared my "Dots Me Jane" blocks, doesn't mean I haven't been busy... Okay, I had committed myself to doing 7 blocks per week and I haven't followed through with it, but at least I'm doing the BOW and still have full intentions of putting my foot to the pedal, with these cuties and PRODUCING them...

I'll keep you posted on this... *grin*

Here's the toughest block, IMHO -
G-6 = Papa's Star

The week afterwards,
I made the EASTIES one, IMHO..

D-13 = Field of Dreams

In fact, this block is usually used at the
Dear Jane "Signature" block.

It kinda feels weird doing this block
and not signing anything in the middle of it...


This one was last week's BOW:

C-12 = Family Reunion

And I've replaced this week's BOW with this one...

E-10 = Five & Dime


1 comment:

Jacqui's Quilts said...

Hey, do I recognize some polka dots in there? LOL

Great blocks!