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Monday, September 27, 2010

Election Night in New Brunswick

Hi There!

Tonight is Elections Night, in New Brunswick.

A couple years ago, my parents had been invited to a yearly supper. Well, the present Premier of New Brunswick, Shawn Graham (sitting beside my Mom) and Dominic LeBlanc (Liberal) member of parliament (behind Mom) happened to start chatting with her.

My Mom talks to EVERYONE!

The proof being that she started chatting with (unknown to her) one of my blogging friends, at our local quilt show!

I think everyone loves my Mom!


Anyhow, this picture in NO WAY implies that they did or will vote for Shawn Graham's party... It was just a comical picture, that we teased her about....

And here's another comical picture of my Mom... 'specially since she NEVER wears lipstick!

I think they were getting ready for Halloween... dunno.

Now, this is another comical picture that she created of herself... and the Christmas tree lights.

And this one?

Well, she had just got home with their new Wii Game and was putting on "airs", with her fake fur coat.


Love ya, Mom!!!


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