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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Whatcha Doin'?

Hi there!

Here, it's Thursday evening and it's PAY DAY....
and I have tomorrow off!

PLUS, we're going to Calais, Maine, again!!!!

"What's the bad part of this story?", you ask.

Well, Gilbert and I each caught a cold.

And since I LOVE to using the "Google Image" search, I thought I'd punch in "Cold Germs" and HEY, look at the pretty images, that Google came up with, eh?!??


This one looks like an INCREDIBLE ball of yarn or wool or something....
*scratching my head*


This one looks like a whole bunch of different colored chewed-up gum got put together in a HUGE ball....

And this one?

Well, it's just plain cute - you almost want to make an appliqued quilt block with it!


Mind you, this is until you realize that you're looking at pictures of the common cold.

At this point, we're not yet at the stage of "Walking Zombies"... we can still walk 'n talk 'n eat.... hoping we'll be in decent shape for our trip to Calais!!!


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