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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Our Local Quilt Show - My Thoughts

Hi there!

Well, not everyone can win at these quilt shows, but I was walking around, prouder than a peacock, today... admiring my own quilts, patting myself on the back and reflecting back on how many hours it had taken me to make these quilts... and WOW!!! Look at them - hanging up for the whole quilting community to admire and probably secretly criticize... but HEY! I had the courage to do it, right? *grin*

And, of course there was all that "EYE CANDY".... I was in a transe!!!! LOL

Anywho......... I've been following the "The Q and the U" blog for the past several months. She's a quilter that she lives nearby. We finally met in person at the quilt show today. My Mom was the one that actually started a conversation with this lovely lady. (My Mom talks to EVERYONE and ANYONE she meets!!!! LOL)

Well, Riel from "The Q and the U" will be blogging about HER thoughts and ideas and favorite quilts, from this quilt show. PLEASE visit her blog and leave a message. I'm positive she'll enjoy receiving a reply on her posts. *VBG*

And that's it for me, tonight... I'm exhausted and I'm headin' to bed!



Frummie said...

I know I speak for all the Buddettes, when I say "you done us proud".
Hugs Sweetie

quiltmom said...

Hi Rosa,
Good for you to enter the show and get feedback about 5 of your quilts- I have never been brave enough to do so, though I have shown many quilts at the guild during show and tell. It is not quite the same thing- One time I did show three quilts in a show but not for judging. One of them was my grandmother's quilt and it was not long after she had passed away.

It is interesting to see the comments on your quilts- I am told that the comments at shows are related to the judges- Your Dear Jane is a stunning quilt and a labor of love.

It is always interesting to see what others think- like you said having a thick skin and going into it with the idea you might learn things that you want/ don't want to change... A job well done- you can feel proud of all your quilts- they are lovely..