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Sunday, September 26, 2010

What's on Bertha?

Hi There!

To those of you that are out of the loop,
"Bertha" is our Long arm
Gammill Classic Plus, which we got this spring.

Gilbert, my wonderful hubby,
is Bertha's master.

By mid-afternoon, Gilbert and Bertha
had finished with one of our client's
KING SIZE quilts.

Here's Gilbert pinning it, yesterday morning.

This pantograph pattern is called "Daisy".

Here's another close-up picture of
this pantograph.

And here's a picture of Gilbert
with this GORGEOUS quilt!

As for my "progress" report,
well my Mom's best friend asked me to
make her 4 place mats....
for a Christmas gift give-away.

When we were in Mardens, Friday,
I saw this incredibly beautiful "Olive Oil" fabric,
along with one of the coordinating fabrics.

And OF COURSE, I make sure to buy enough, eh?

Well, I've managed to make 12 placemats
out of what I bought!

It's pinned on Bertha and
Gilbert will be longarming them, tomorrow.

Since there was a bit of fabric chunk left over,
and as per Gilbert's suggestion,
I will be making as many
"Mug Rugs" as possible, for each set of placemats.
(Re: Mug Rugs - Once again, THANKS Cyn for this lovely idea and pattern!!!!)

That's about it, on the progress report department.

I've still got that nasty cold...

Gilbert's cold is almost non-existant by now.

Me, I feel like the walking dead!

Hope my cold is better by tomorrow....
Monday - I go back to work.



Greg said...

Thats a nice pantograph!! Looks like Bertha is earning her keep.

tich said...

Love the pantograph pattern. You are so busy.