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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Quilt Show in My Area

Hi There!

Gilbert and I went to our local quilt show, where I had submitted FIVE quilts, for the very first time! Boy, was I nervous and worried and traumatized!

We dropped off the quilts on Monday and Wednesday was the "Awards" ceremony.

I didn't go.

I was afraid that I'd get the "Lionel Ritchie" look.

Remember when Michael Jackson brought out his album "Thriller", back in 1986? Well, Lionel Ritchie had his album "Dancing on the Ceiling", that same year. I rarely watch the music award ceremonies but that evening, I did. Michael Jackson and his "Thriller" took almost ALL the awards, if not all of them, and poor Lionel, with his great album "Dancing on the Ceiling" didn't take any awards.

Every time they would announce the nominees and the camera would focus on Lionel's face, you could see his shoulders slumping more and more each time when Michael's name was announced as the winner of a specific category.

I didn't want to go there and become another Lionel Ritchie.
(BTW, I LOVED Lionel's CD!!!!)

Gilbert took an over all picture of the quilt show.

One of our clients, J., entered 2 of her quilts.

This one....

And this bright, beautiful one...
(We were soooo proud!!!!)

LOVED the colors and patterns on this one. Sorry, didn't write names.

Gilbert noticed it 'cause it was the BIGGEST quilt there.

115" X 116"

Now that we're in the Longarm quilting business, we're sure to look at other people's quilting. There were a LOT of hand quilted pieces and some that were longarm quilted and had "regular" quilting done to it.

This one stood out, for me, anyhow.
It was a log cabin quilt

Look at the GORGEOUS feathers!!!

Two basket quilts...

In fact, they look like the
"Tisket A Tasket" pattern, eh?

This was a baby quilt.

Yep, sometimes the simplest ideas are the best! I never, EVER thought of adding the baby's last name to the front of the quilt! What a WONDERFUL idea!

And I LOVE these colors, too!

Got more pics to share....

Stay tuned, folks!


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