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Saturday, September 18, 2010

My Quilt Show Results - "Fat Quarter Stash Ladies"

Hi there!

I've decided to share with you what I had written on my quilts and what the judges wrote. I've got a fairly tough skin and had hoped that I would receive constructive criticism.

HEY! You can only get better, right?!?!?

Anyhow, here's what I wrote:

Made with a kit called "Stash Management Quilt County by Moda, with my own border and backing. Longarm quilted by Gilbert Crevier (3A Quilting).

Here's what the judges wrote:

Design - ....... (Needs Improvement: Makes you dizzy!)
Colour - ....... (Needs Improvement: Too much bright.)
General Presentation - ..... (Needs Improvement: Bows don't add anything.)

Top Assembly - Good (Needs Improvement: Everything meets)
Quilting - .....
Finishing - ...... (Needs Improvement: Binding not full and sew corners of binding)

(None were given, this time)

Sooooooooo, I thought I'd share with you the judges comments in case you ever decide to enter any of your quilts in a quilt show, for judging. *s*

Now, here's my opinion.

Quilters are human.
Quilt Judges are DEFINITELY human, too!

I seriously and honestly got a kick-ass belly chuckle from these comments.

ALL my other quilts - 'cept for the two that have scallops - ALL have corners that are unsewn!!!!

None of these comments were mentioned (re: unsewn corners), on my other quilts!

None of the "binding not full" were mentioned on my other papers, either!

Plus, I used fabrics from a KIT and followed the Moda pattern to a "T".... adding my own borders of course, to enlarge this a bit.

Are you telling me that Moda SCREWED UP with their color choices!??!?!?


This mini quilt is MEANT to be bright and IN YOUR FACE!!!

*shakes her head*

Anyhow, tastes should never be discussed... quilting techniques YES, but not "color tastes"!

I had actually sewn BOTH sides of the binding on this quilt, by sewing machine and only decided AFTERWARDS that I should enter in the quilt show... just for the heck of it!

And, once again.... just for the record....

The "bows" are there as a decorative statement AND to hang up this quilt on Gilbert's fancy, smancy hanging rod.



Caron said...

I think it's adorable. Remember, most local shows don't have quilting judges who actually KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING. They've had no training, other than experience in knowing what they like personally. Sounds like you had a few of those.

Cindy P said...

A friend of mine entered her quilt in a show. Judge did NOT like the quilt. At all. Very few good comments.

She entered it in a different show a month or so later. Got rave reviews. Blue ribbon in that class. Judge loved the quilt and gave it high marks on everything.

Yeah. You figured it out, right? Same judge.