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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Another Mug Rug Arrives in my Mail Box!!!

Hi There!

Just before the snow storm hit us good and hard, our mail man delivered this small box with the cutest "mug rug" and a Lindt (Chilli) Dark chocolate bar!!!

Mug Rug looks longer than it actually is.  Its approx. 10 inches long and just PERFECT for a cup of tea or coffee and a plate of "something".  But do you know what?  

The Mug Rugs that I've received are almost too pretty to actually use - I may have to find a few strategic places, to display them.   *s*

Thank you, my friend!!!!

Mine will be flying out shortly!



Cyn said...

Great MR. It is really pretty. Love the embroidery, too.
HOpe mine reaches you sometime this year. lol

Frummie said...

OMG! She made all different ones, but...I do recognize the magnificent work. Mine like that is already above my computer.

Elly D said...

VBG! What a neat mug rug ;))