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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Flange - Not Just For Plumbers!!

Hi There!

Well, today I had to call up my quilting mentor -
my friend "Jo".

I KNOW I can ask her the silliest quilting or
non-quilting questions
and she won't laugh -
least not in my face, anyhow....


Picked up the phone and tried to explain
to Jo what I wanted on my quilt,
but I didn't know the name of it
and therefore, couldn't "Google" it, right?

After a few questions, Jo knew IMMEDIATELY
what I was talking about
and while she was on the phone,
I Googled "Flange Quilting"
and found a neat
You Tube video that explained it!

How cool was that, eh?!??!

Sooooooo, here's the lap quilt,
with the strips sewn together and
it's red flange surrounding it.
(NOTE: if you click on it, you can see it bigger)

Tomorrow evening, I will try
and add a 4 inch(?) border
around that...

And, on top of the BLACK border,
I'll be adding a green (sparkly) vine,
along with some Christmassy appliqués.

Still have NO IDEA what kind
of appliqués I'll be doing,
but I'll certainly keep you all posted.


Oh yah -
One last thing, for the evening.....

I know that I mentioned this, at the beginning of my
"Sparkling Jane" Journey, but not all of these blocks
are done by me.

A few of them were received in a
Dear Jane Christmas block swap.

PLUS, I've added a few "Midget Blocks"....
just because I could and I, therefore
gave myself the permission to go astray....


Hope you all have a nice evening!



Miriam said...

Wow!!! It looks magnificent already, Rosa!!! I can't wait to see that quilt finished.

Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

WOW! Your "Sparkly Jane" looks wonderful...great job Rosa!

Can't wait to see the border work added!

How do you get so much done?? When I get home from work the only energy I have left is to turn the computer on...and then just sit there and read! Pretty pathetic!



Elly D said...

WOW!! Your Sparkly Jane is looking great!! Fabulous!! Wonderful!! Gorgeous!!

Thanks for the YouTube link

hugs Elly

Corser :- The name of a car... misspelt Or COR! SEE 'R over there with that fantastic quilt :)) OKay it's time for my bed :))

Brigitte said...

hi Rosa,
you did a fantastic job!!!! can't wait to see the applique. New fabrics are in the air ....
Hugs Brigitte

Sigrun said...

I just love sampler quilts. It's a great way to try different blocks. I'm glad I found your blog when I was checking Lorraine's responses out. You're bookmarked!

Sigrun said...

I just had another thought: you're a quilter who's accumulating knitting. I'm a long-time knitter who has been collecting quilt fabrics and books. Is it Karma?

Ruth said...

Hi Rosa,

I love your Sparkling Jane, the fabrics are beautiful. You do great work. Keep it up.

I enjoy visiting your blog. Thanks for sharing all your work.

Happy Qulting
Ruth I made a blog not much on there just learning will add more things soon I hope