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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Eating - My "Other" Hobby!

Hi There!

S'me again!

Last week, during my contest was
REAL tough for me....

I tried not to blog so as my contest
wouldn't get "bumped" down below.

I felt like someone had ducktaped my fingers -
as opposed to ducktaping my mouth shut, of course!

Anyhow, last night Gilbert and I had our
"Taco Bowls"... we had seen these in a restaurant,
but couldn't figure out how to do them!

They are SOOOOOO easy and
since Gilbert is a vegetarian,
we easily converted them into a no-meat meal.

We got the recipe here:
"Kraft Mini Taco Bowls"

Anyhow, we modified the recipe a bit....

The tortillas - you shape them into a bowl,
that can go into the oven.
10 minutes in a 350 oven.

In the meantime, fry up some mushrooms,
green peppers, onions, veggie meat - whatever,
and add some Mexican flavouring powdered packages,
if you have salsa on hand.
Stir fry the whole concoction.

See? How cool is that, eh?
A tortilla that sits up, in your plate!

Fill it up with the stir fried concoction,
add shredded cheddar cheese and
sliced up lettuce.

Pour some Ranch Dressing on top....

Gilbert and I eat 2 of these.... and they're DELISH!!!

Easy smeasy!



Greg said...

Thanks. I know what fixing Thursday night!

Fahrenheit 350° said...

You may already know this, but if you want to keep a post at the top, just go back and edit that post and click on post options... then keep updating the date and time to reflect the most recent date and time! Easy!