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Monday, August 10, 2009

Sparkling Jane - Last 4 COMPLETED!!!

Hi there!

Okay, the 4 last ones are FINISHED!!!

E-10 (Five and Dime)
I just LOVE this gold and red fabric!!!

E-2 (Merry May)

K-7 (Rose of Sharon)
These golden partridges(?)
are incredible, eh?

And this was my last one....

I-2 (Kaye's Courtyard)

For a total of 49 blocks....
with 2 inch black (with gold speckles) sashing.

The sashing's all done -
I just need to sew the "strips" together...

More later...



The Importance of Walking

Walking can add minutes to your life.

This enables you at 89 years old
to spend an additional 5 months in a
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Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

OMG....these blocks are FABULOUS!!!

I LOVE The Golden partridge fabric, great fussy cutting Rosa!

Great job on ALL the blocks...when do we get to see the completed quilt top???


Elaine in SLO, Ca

Miriam said...

More beautiful blocks, Rosa.

I really love those partridges too.

Caron said...

Absolutely LOVE K-7 (Rose of Sharon) in that fabric! Beautiful, Rosa!

Quilterjane58 said...

OMGoodness.....the blocks are lovely but the walking note is too cute... I am going to get out and walk! I need to live long enough to spend ALL the inheritance!!!