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Saturday, August 15, 2009

250th post (& More) = A Contest !!!!!

Hi there!

Well, everyone's having a contest and
I wanted to join in the fun, too!

*tapping my chin in reflection*

"Now, what reason should I have a contest, eh?!??!"

Well, I've noticed that I've gone OVER
the 250th blog entry... sooooooo....

Here's my 250th-Blog-Give-a-Way!!!

(nope, you won't be getting this bag as a gifty - sorry...)

Okay, soooo my contest isn't as big
as the others, but then again.....
you could be surprised, too! LOL

I'm working on 2 hypotheses:
(A hypothesis (from Greek ὑπόθεσις [iˈpoθesis]; plural hypotheses) is a proposed explanation for an observable phenomenon. - taken from Wikipedia)

Doesn't matter WHAT it is, right?
Okay... maybe not in bright lights, but your name will be on my Blog!


Anyhow, here's the rules:

1. Leave a comment - good or bad... I LOVE comments!
2. Tell me a bit about yourself: Favorite snacks, favorite colors, what colors you DESPISE, stuff you collect, your hobbies, your aspirations and hopes and dreams... Okay, I've exagerated, but I think you know what I mean, right?

If you're not comfortable posting this information in public... doesn't matter. As long as I have your email addy, or blog addy, so that I can contact you, afterwards. We'll work out any possible "allergy" problems, along with your likes and dislikes , later.


Now, if you put MY contest on YOUR blog, you get TWO chances to win my 4 "nonsense" gifties!!!

And NO, it's not necessary to have a blog to enter my silly contest. *grin*

Sooooo...... Good Luck!

Let the Game Begin!


Oh Shoot!!!!! I almost forgot. Contest ends next Saturday evening, at midnight - my time! I'll draw a name on the 23rd.


Ruth said...

I'll try this again... Hi Rosa! Here is my hypotheseis: I think I should win because I'm special! Since you're not giving away the bag, the nice Sparkling DJ would be okay... If you MUST, I suppose I would accept it (phalange sp? and all!)! I always get a chuckle from your site. I'll chat you later! Ruthie from Utah

Anonymous said...

Rosa, since you already know so much about me, how about this ... my favorite fruit is apricot. But they don't seem to taste the same as when I was a kid. Wonder why that is?

Please enter me in your contest because you know how much I enjoy your gifties!


Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

Hi Rosa,

Ok...a little about myself... I was born at a very early age, I have lived a good life, I have two of the best sons in the world and I have two absolutely amazing grandchildren, Hannah and Austin. Oh yeah and I am married to the best DH in the world..he is my best friend, my confidant and my soul mate.

I am going on my first cruise this October and will be meeting one of my best buddettes...YOU!

I love sushi and Cheez-Its... although not together and my favorite drink is a Vente Latte, non fat, no foam from Starbucks.

Love your on MY reading list!


Elaine in SLO, Ca

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Hi Rosa! Sounds like a very fun giveaway! Something about myself? Well today I am nursing a sprained foot, as I missed the curb and twisted my foot and went down, down, down. It wasn't a fun thing at all :-( But I am enjoying a little pampering by my dh :-)

Miriam said...

Hi Rosa!!! I love your blog! I always get a big smile when I read your posts.

Carol said...

1. Favorite snack is chocolate.
2. favorite colors are Pinks, mostly hot pinks and colors that go with it
3. colors I dislike -- not many, but I do not like dead browns.
4. I collect flamingos, hence the hot pink color
5. still dabble in doll house minis -- love needle turn applique.
6. I aspire to be organized and better at my applique, wife, mother and grandmother
7. my hope is that my family and all of us will be safe during our 'crisis'.
8. Most of all I dream of having a really good friend again that will go to the Owl Cafe for hamburgers on Wednesdays with me. My dear friend passed away a year ago at our applique meeting -- she was my quilting bud and I miss her so much.

9. And, I may add that I always delight in reading Rosa's posts and visiting her blog. She is a very upbeat and helpful person, one who I would like to know better. Ahhhhhh...

Carol Klein in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Terry said...

Okay Rosa, I should win your Give Away because...
1. I let you guilt me into being in all the swaps on the Dear Jane group last year.
2. We share the same Birth month, Yeah February!!!
3. We are both complete "Basket Cases"!
4. Did I memtion, you guilted me into all the swaps on the Dear Jane group last year.

My favorite snack - M&Ms Plain or Peanut. Or anything else chocolate :)

Favorite Colors- pastels or Earth tones; REALLY dislike Neon clors!

Stuff I collect- Rosas's Stick People quilt block (LOL)

Hobbies- Well Dah, Quilting :)

Hopes and Dreams- To finish my Baby Jane Quilt, and all my other UFOs, and all the quilty projects that are still only figments of my imagination.

Love reading your blog, it always makes me laugh!

dianne said...

uhmmmm ... something about me, huh? well, i quilt and read and eat and play and sleep and work - but not necessarily in that order ... and i wear pink flamingo slippers ... and my kids think it is funny to give me the goofiest flamingos that they can find because they think that i am weird ... which i AM, but they don't need to keep pointing out the obvious!

searchfamilies said...

Like the way you have a sense of humour, well i a novice quilter being doing it for 3 years but still at learning stages.
I hate the really bright florscentant colours my aim is to do learn to do the binding well & to do quilting other than stitch in the ditch which i do now.
Hugs Janice

Susan said...

It's wonderful how out of so many people in the world, suddenly someone becomes a part of your life, even though the world separates, so my thanks for your dear friendship Rosa.
Through you and Terry I came to have my own blog!!!
I love lots of things - chocolate; pink, green and cream; any handwork and fabric; old things whether buttons or fabric.
Hope you have fun with your "contest"


Elly D said...

Okay Rosa, but if I get to first place you can pass on to the second person, (like I should be so lucky again >G<)
Firstly, I think I'd like to have Elaine's life...LOL..
I love white chocolate or milk with nuts...:)
Favourite colour is.... red(but at the moment it's pink) followed by blue,yellow, purple and green comes last..
What were the other questions??
My aspiration is to be a better person...
The only thing I collect is fabric>G< 'cos I'm an addict.
Please enter me in to your contest just for the fun of it...
soild.... LOL.... yes well I'll leave that to your imagination...
Could be SO - idl that's me

Marianne said...

Hi Rosa,

Great idea for a "contest"! I am a fellow DJer. Have participated in birthday siggie, holiday, and Spring Fling swaps. But only finished my birthday siggie quilt so far. It's on the back of my retirement autograph quilt.

Favorite snacks - taco chips. They don't mail well, so chocolate is a close second. I never met a chocolate I didn't like.

Favorite color - purple

My aspiration is to use only my stash to make a quilt. So far I have never been able to do so. I always have to go out and get a wee bit more of something. This is probably because I buy mostly FQs.
Marianne in VT

Marianna said...

Hi Rosa, Well I can't stay away from this chellneg can I? So I added your blog entry to my blog at:
As you can see this is my main and only exsisting blog. The one you still have linked in your bloroll is the older one and is deleted. Can you please adjust this link? I love visitors on my blog too LOL! Or is that too competative? Hmm, don't know if this is the right word in english for what I mean to say...? Well, any hoiw....I love your blog as always and frequently visit it to see your new made thingies. Love the x-mas DJ you made! Nice colours! I will add another entry to talk about ME as you asked LOL! Hugs, Marianna

Marianna said...

Ok, now about ME:
I love chocolate, especially the milk kind (no nuts etc)
I am very bad in finishing my quilts or any other kind of craft item I started on
I have more BOW than I can none is finished on time
I am chaotic, and hate it from time to time~as it doens't help much to organise my life and hobbies!
I spnet more time behind the PC than I finish some of the above!
And love it! Especially your blog as it makes me giggle when I need that the most! You can be soo funny! I really wish we could meat for real one day! And have a blast I guess!
More about me?.....Read my blog...and website LOL!

dee said...

rosa, love your blog and the many ideas that you tell us. esp the computer mantainence. dee/tx

Brigitte said...

hi Rosa, please include me into this funny contest: I love nonsens - like Maurice Sendak: Higglety Pigglety Pop!, Or: There Must be More to Life .... BTW
I love pasta and icecream!!! my favorite actually is purple and green, I do have a problem with orange/yellow ...
I collect angels, a girl can never have to many angels ...
I hope to find peace and to finish my DJ one day
wishing a sunny sunday from Poland

Frummie said...

Oh I just love to enter contests...I never win, but I love to enter. I am a quilter and a voracious reader. One of my best friends even made a Bikini Bear quilt block, with a stack of books, for me. Isn't that just grand.

Dena said...

My husband's favorite quote is 'I got it for free!' So yes, we all love to get things for free.

I suppose there are many different sides to everyone and it's difficult to describe all of them in just a few simple lines. Don't you think? Well, I'll try...

I'm married with six children and nine grandchildren. I reside in a small farming community in Washington state and my family also includes two dogs, one cat, and two goats. One of our goats is appropriately names Billy. I love to sew, cook, read, and listen to music.

I also am the author of a blog and if you're interested, you can visit to learn more about what makes me, me.

Congratulations on your 250th blog entry and have fun with your give-a-way.

Lisa said...

Morning Rosa, a bit about me hummm I have 6 grandkids and I'm not even 50 yet (3 more yrs). I get bored easy so I usually have several projects going at once..
My favorite food is Crab legs
Favorite snack Chocolate
Favorite drink Coke or very sweet tea (I'm a southern girl)
Favorite color Purple however I love all colors.
I collect Purple glass and Native American items.
I love quilting and making things for my grandkids (currently making Dorthy Halloween costume for granddaughter)
I love to give and I love receiving handmade ideas...

Lisa from Fl

Sandy said...

You are absolutely correct. EVERYONE I know loves surprises! I am a golfer as well as quilter and I hate slow play. If you are just learning the game, pick up your ball and move on after 8 strokes!!!!!!!!!! I have three quilts that I need to get done. This afternoon after golf, I will load the first one up and get started.

PS I have added your giveaway to my blog.

Piecefulafternoon said...

What fun - I'm new to your blog so will spend some time running around reading about your fun times.

I am from NW WA - have two fabulous grandsons (cutest and smartest in the world), make bed sized quilts and love to collect vintage anything (just about) - and by the way - I love tote bags.

quiltmom said...

HI Rosa,
I am quilter that lives in Western Canada (Edmonton) and have been quilting seriously ???? since 1996.I enjoy making pieced quilts and do not do much applique.
I am a kindergarten teacher in my professional life- love children's books, collect beads,dishes, and fabric. I love most colors though am not crazy about pastels. To challenge myself, I am collecting 30's fabrics to make a soft looking quilt. My fabric snacks are maple fudge, cheezies and almonds( not altogether).
My husband and I have one son, one cat and one dog that are all mostly grown up.:O)
It is very nice to meet you and I hope you will come and visit my blog. You can find me here:
Warmest regards from Western Canada,

omashee aka Barb said...

Hi Rosa, I love your blog! So much fun packed into a small corner of the blogosphere! I'd love to join in on your give-away.

I'm a quilter and a cross stitcher. Sometimes they both go together! I'm a serial starter and a stashaholic. My goal is to make ONE quilt out of only stash (I've never succeeded before).

I'm an ice cream-a-holic and yet have managed to loose 50 pounds this year. Now that's restraint!

So much for me...

Jeannette said...

Thanks for the chance I love to play along. Something about myself my favourite food is chocolate or is that vegetable and my favourite hot beverage is coffee which I cannot start my day off without. Also my youngest daughter is to have her first major exam today and is rather nervous.

Greg said...

Hi Rosa! I really enjoy your blog. Ok so to answer your question:

I'm a rabid quilter. I'm chocolate powered, been married almost 13 years, I collect fabric as my hobby. My favorite color is neon-clear (its VERY rare!). My hopes and dreams include hoping to finish the 20 plus quilting projects my wife and I currently have going.

Oh and I did mention your give-a-way on my blog and am now following yours!

Robyn *Ü* said...

How fun! You may be sorry you opened this door. . . LOL!! I love quilting and reading. I love contests and of course who doesn't love to win.

KJ McLean said...

Hi, Rosa!

- I love kelly green and hate chartreuse.

- Diet Pepsi is my crack.

- I love geocaching, rughooking, scrapbooking, writing, making artsy things, and my husband and pets.

- I want a yellow smart car, or a yellow Toyota Matrix.

- I'm waiting for Big Brother 11 to come on.

- It's too hot here! :)

Tozz said...

Hi and what an interesting giveaway. It sounds great!!
Congrats on your 250posts too!
first of all
Favorite snacks - all cakes and desserts..
favorite colors - all earthy colours and mostly greens
what colors you DESPISE - not too keen on orange and too bright ones stuff you collect - love buttons and anything vintage, doilys, lace etc
your hobbies - anything to do with quilting and patchwork and sewing, your aspirations - to be the best I can with everything I do
and hopes and dreams - to one day have my designs published in my book
so there you go...I will come back and let you know when I have put your giveaway on my blog. hugs Vicki

SewCalGal said...

Congratulations on your 250th post. Great blogsite you've created. Thank you so much for sharing all your insights.

I too love to quilt, and I also love to do machine embroidery, sewing (and charity work). Actually, doing charity work is probably my favorite.


Quiltin' Sandy said...

Hi Rosa, this sounds like a very interesting giveaway. Congratulations on your 250th post. I haven't got a blog up and running yet.
My fav snack is hot chips, love nice wine, and a good steak. All three together would be heaven.LOL.
I enjoy quilting, stitcheries, cooking, my little dog, "Honey" going to movies, and keeping in touch with all the ladies on the craft forum.
Please enter me in your contest, Thankyou, Sandy.

Kerry said...

Hi Rosa,
Congratulations on 250 posts! Your prize sounds fun, and will make the winner feel very special, especially if it's me. I love everything to do with fabric and quilting, chocolate and coffee, chinese food and generally food in general - I'm very easy to feed. And of course a happy family life. That's just about everything covered, not much I don't like, oh, except having to do housework when there is sewing or such like to do.

Bev C said...

Hi Rosa, I love family friends flowers roses cross stitch patchwork sewing gardening eating lovely food finding a bargain reading a great book walking swimming collecting fabric and lots of others. Happy days to you.

call me crazy said...

Hi Rosa~ I followed Tozz to you. I'm going to be back because you have a great blog! Congrat's on 250 posts! As far as what I like?~ fabric! of course. ;-) and chocolate.. and.. and.. LOL :-))

Barb said...

Hi Rosa! I would love to win and see my name in lights--or whatever for that matter! i have a wonderful husband and two great children ages 19 and 12. I am a high school teacher and quilt for sanity purposes! It is better than anything else I could do--not any less addicting, but definitely better! I have a fantastic Corgi and a cat that adopted us! We love both of them very much too! I love seafood--the shrimp, lobster and scallop variety! I have about 8 different projects going at the same time and need to clean out my quilt room and finish some things before I start school! I love the beach and to garden. I would like to retire and live on the beach! Well, that is about it for now--here's hoping to win! Thanks for the chance!

Lindy said...

Hi Rosa, I want to join you, I have no blog, but I do post pics on webshots and DJRetreats, I want to tell everyone that I collect, vintage sewing machines, Gingher scissors, a few pincushions, baking tins, and fabric (we all collect that). But Most Important, during these astere times of poor economies, I am trying not to buy fabric, I mean I'm really trying. I'm only buying what I absolutely need to finish a project, I tried joining a group called stashbusters and they got me thinking about it, while I left their wonderful group, it is never off my mind completely. I still need someone to come in and organize my fabric storage, which I now have to share half the room with my husbands junk, mostly model airplanes. So just when I thought I'd clean it up, its a mess again. But I've come to the realization that I've been married almost 40 years (in Nov) and until I use up some of my stash (which doesn't go with anything because its mostly older), that I'm not gonna change too soon. I gave all the old old stuff to mama, she doesn't mind cheap fabric, and that is when I usually bought it -- when it was on sale. She will buy $1 cuts at walmart and you know us quilters don't do that. I like the best quilt store fabric and it took me years to realize that is not only the best way IT IS THE ONLY WAY. I have plenty of flannel but I use only cottons -- as quiltes do. I need more t-shirt knits, maybe we should have a swap and have some one send boys knits in lieu of cotton. Remember when we use to be able to buy nice knits for boys. I never had a girl and I thought the selection was bad when my kids were young. Now since the political NAFTA thing what is it called where they take all the knits and send them to 3rd world countries,did you know what NAFTA is when they talk about it politically -- well I hate it, I can't find cute knit fabrics for boys. I don't even think they have sewing machines in those 3rd world countries. NAFTA was initially years and years ago and I wonder if we'll ever be able to get our knits back!. I did find a few and plan to sew this week for school for the grand children. Knits are so forgiving.
Hope I win -- but I won't count on it. I just like to share my thoughts. Lindy of UT

Lindy said...

BTW, the fabric that I gave to mama, to get rid of some of my old stash, mama made blankets right away and took it all to the Crisis Centers, and Veterans, and gave some to local people who tend children while parents work. She washed ironed and made simple quilts and did it in a few or 10 days. Now mama deserves to win and she doesn't even have a computer. Congrats to your winner. I'll perhaps even donate something for your winner if they can wait for a couple of months, I'm running behind as usueral but will be hot taking care of business when the snow flies.

viridian said...

Hello rosa from Viridian. Still plugging away on the Dear jane. Up to block 127 now! see me at

Michelle said...

What a great idea for a giveaway. I love pink and turquoise. I don't like the colour peach though I do like to eat peaches. My favourite flower is the tulip. My hobbies are quilting and reading.

Shogun said...

Hello and nice to meet you. I just discovered your blog for the first time from a comment you wrote on another blog.

I love flowers/gardens and fabric. I grow my own veggies. Yellow is my least favorite color. I have a masters degree. Rabbits are one of my favorite animals. I enjoy reading.
I dislike unfriendly bloggers who believe they are "better" than others.

I think the "surprise" factor is even more important than being "free".

I will go check out your blog now.

Anya said...

Sounds like fun! Count me in, please.

You can find out a few things about me on my blog -- I'm a quilter who loves fabric (and what quilter doesn't?) and wishes she had a housekeeper...

Anonymous said...

You've got a cute site :) I guess Ill try my hand at your contest too :)

faves: Strawberries, watermelon, tacos, french fries, hamburgers,dark colors, unicorns, elves, vampires, faeries, sewing, reading, dancing, Legend, Twilight, family and friends

dislikes: girlie things, pink, onions, peppers of any kind, rude ppl

LOL even if I don't win, this is still a great idea :)

Oh and I posted you on my blog :)

Laine said...

Well I love junk food of all kinds. I could live on chocolate or any candy for that matter and a pepsi. I spend way too much time reading quilting blogs. I like earthy colors. I collect old paper mache snowmen and santas. Oh & most importantly, anyone that really knows me knows that I hate and really can't cook.

Love 2 Quilt said...

Hi I am Patty. I started quilting about 25 years ago when my kids were young and I needed something "adult" to can only say gooo gooo so many times in a day. I love all colors except some blues are too bright for me and I love every green I see. Someday I'm going to cut up pieces of all my green fabric and make it into a quilt.

Love 2 Quilt said...

I blogged about your giveaway

Mystica said...

Hope I am not too late. I am Mystica and I am from Sri Lanka. Love quilting, reading, and please read my blog!!!!

Will accept any of your freebies!!!! who doesnt love a freebie.


ikkinlala said...

Congratulations on 250 posts!

My favourite snacks are dark chocolate, plain pretzels, nuts, and most kinds of fruit. I love dark or rich colours, especially blue, green, chocolate brown, and dark red. I dislike neons, most pastels, and most shades of pink. I love to read, cook, hike, and knit, and I aspire to knit beautiful sweaters or lace shawls someday (although so far I mostly knit socks). I only wish I knew what else I wanted to do with my life.

Joyce said...

I just found your blog. What a great coincidence that you are having a giveaway. About me, I love chocolate, I think I could eat it til I got sick! (I may have tried that a time or two) I love bright colors, but you wouldn't know it by looking at my house. I have a wonderful daughter that just spent a week at home. She is a college student at OSU (Ohio). Thanks for a chance to win.

Anonymous said...

OK, here's my hypothesis....

I have so many negative things happening at the moment, my luck, karma whatever is due to change.

And I could use a kind word or two each day...

fave colors are CW repros, purple

LOVE chocolate of any sort, and I have allergic-type reactions to perfumes etc...

.....and I have some original Rosa stick figure siggies LOL