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Saturday, August 1, 2009

ONE + SIXTY Sparking Jane Fabrics = FUN!!!!

Hi There!

My friend Frummie sent me this GORGEOUS
dark purple fabric, with SILVER
musical instruments, musical notes and
YES,... some Christmas holly, too!

Tks Frummie!

Last weekend, I managed to finish this DJ blocks -
H-12 (Hannah Lou's Hearts)

Then, Pam read this blog and wrote to me.
Apparently, she's making a Christmas DJ
and wanted to know if I wanted any more
Christmas (sparkly) fabrics?

Do I look like a
turned on sewing machine,
with an empty bobbin, in it's casing?!??!


Of COURSE, I said "YES!!!!"

Well, Pam didn't really specify
how many pieces she was sending off.

Imagine my surprise, yesterday,
when I received her parcel!!!!

(NOTE: I'll be sharing with Pam, too, ASAP)

(Click on pictures for bigger image size)

Each piece, just as GORGEOUS as the previous one,
that I had fondled and admired!


Lordy! This is one of my "infamous" projects -
starts out small and keeps GROWS !!!


I had originally planned on making
a small wallhanging, or possibly a lap quilt.

I only had a few (swapped) DJ blocks
and purposely added a 2 inch sash,
around block, to make the finished
"whatever", bigger.

Now, I'm finding that I have perhaps close to
100 different fabrics!!!!

Startin' to appear as if this might be a full-sized
quilt, after all!


Oh well, it's one of those journeys
that might take a few years to complete.

Who knows, eh?


On another note, Monday is:
"New Brunswick Day"
and I'm off!

Sooooo, to take advantage of this long weekend,
I'm taking Tuesday and Wednesday off, too!

Hope to start up a personal web page on my
"Mini Vacation",
as we'll be traveling.



"Don't get your knickers in a knot;
it solves nothing and makes you walk funny.


Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

WOW.... that's an AMAZING assortment of sparkly fabrics!!! Very generous gift from Pam!

Guess your quilt is going to be 'Full-sized", looks like you have no other choice now with all this gorgeous fabric!


Elaine in SLO, Ca

Susan said...

That's not even counting the few I'm going to be sending in due course!!! But I don't have another sixty, maybe four or five though!!