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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Contest is now closed!

Hi there!

The contest is now closed...

I think the difficult part for me, was trying NOT to blog,
until the contest was over -
I wanted to make sure that EVERYONE
that came to my blog, saw the contest!


I've taken down all the names and will now type them into:

List Randomizer

It's a pretty neat (web) program.
You don't need to sign up...
nor do you need to download yet another
software program. *s*

Give me an hour (or less)
and I hope to give you the winner,
on my contest. *s*

Rosa Robichaud


ranette said...

Hi that storm coming your way????

epetrik409 said...


What a great post!

Thank you for sharing...really enjoyed reading all the comments from people posting to your give-a-way.

**in the car on our way home from Stone Brewery's 13th Anniversary Beer Festival!

Elaine in SLO, Ca