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Friday, November 20, 2015

How I Create

Hi There!

I'm sure everyone creates in their own way.

Me, I start with an idea.

Sleep on it.

Wake up to the idea.

Go to work and think about the idea.

Repeat this a couple, consecutive days and finally, I put "idea" down on paper.

Hoping to pick up some different kinds of "whites" .... hopefully some whites with tiny, almost invisible snow flakes tomorrow, when I go down to Mardens, in Calais, Maine.

This piece will be called "My Snow Family". 

From the top, there's Mom and Dad.  Dad will have shimmery, snowish colored Angel wings and maybe a plaid vest.

Down below them, will be me, hubby and my 2 boys.  They're skiing down the hill.

On the next hill, is my sister, Tina and her hubby and their daughter.  Haven't figured out what my niece will be doing but she'll be doing something.

And, at the bottom of the hill is my sister, Sylvie, her hubby and their 3 children.  The kids are sliding down the hill.

My next step?  Dig through my stash and pick up the appropriate different "snow" fabric.

After that?  Figure out the finished size I want, grab some newspaper, scotch tape pieces, if necessary to make it the required finished size.  Once I have the correct size on (news) paper, then I take a pencil and draw what I want on the newspaper.  Once THAT is done, I take a black marker and re-draw over the pencil lines.

I start with a background fabric and start layering the different "snow hills".  Machine applique those "snow hills" and then, start appliqueing the houses and snow people.

Easy smeasy!  But, time consuming.  And most certainly fun!


I'll try and post some progress pictures.

Have a great weekend!


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