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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I've Fallen in Love... yet AGAIN!!!!

Hi There!

Okay, sometimes blog contests
can be fatal for your wallet!


This gal "had" an incredible quilt,
to give away and NO,
unfortunately I didn't win it,
but I DID fall in love with her
color choices!!!

Soooooo, 2 days ago, while I was on
a shopping frenzy, in Calais, Maine, USA,
I picked up several 1/4 yards of
BRIGHT colors!!!

Now, these colors might not look
so great here, but TRUST ME....
the pinks - SIZZLE!
the blues - FREEZE!
the greens - PERK YOU UP
the oranges - makes your MOUTH WATER
and the yellows - makes your HEART JUMPS FOR JOY!

Yep... these sure are
"Action Colors" !!!!


Now, while browsing their bolts of lovely fabrics,
I came across THIS fabric!

Now, don't these colors just make
your EYE'S POP OUT?!??!?


My friend Karen came to visit me, yesterday.
When I showed her this fabric, she took a picture of it,
stating, "Oh this fabric just MAKES me happy!!!"


And Karen doesn't even quilt......

*evil salesgirl grin*

Anyhow, I have NO IDEA yet what I'll do with it,
but I'm POSITIVE I'll find a good use for it....





Miriam said...

I just bought my first ever "bright" fabrics too, Rosa. They are way out of my comfort zone, but they are growing on me. I have 2 projects planned for mine now. I look forward to see what you make with yours.

Miriam said...

.....Kellie was my inspiration too!!!!!!!!!

Dena said...

I love bright fabrics and your color selection will go well together in a quilt. Your last fabric piece will work great in a row quilt. Have fun!