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Saturday, September 12, 2009

"My Great Neighbourhood" Contest

(Image from "Life is a Stitch" blog - Tks a bunch!!!)

Hi there!
You HAVE to be Canadian and you don't get to win anything but you'd be helping a friend's brother.... AND it only takes about 3 minutes. *grin*

Here's the email that my friend sent me:


My brother has entered a picture in a contest at Royal Lepage and he needs daily votes to win.
I don't know many people in Canada that have access to the internet that can vote and I was wondering if you would be able to vote for him.
Here is the link to the website (he says you won't get spammed from them):
You have to register and they will send you a confirmation email, and then you can vote. His name is Neil Davidson, and you can use the search at the bottom of the page to find/vote on the picture. You can vote each day for the rest of the month.
Thanks for your time, and if you decide not to register/vote that's ok.
Wendy in southern Alberta


Anyhow, would appreciate it if all you Canucks could come out of the woodwork and help this fellow Canuck out. *grin*

Oh... and while you're at it, please pass the word along, too... *grin*

Tks a bunch!


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