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Saturday, September 5, 2009

$4.50 spent in yard sales = Tennis Game!!!

Hi there!

Okay, remember the early July discussion that Gilbert and I had, about riding bicycles? Well, that didn't happen. Let me explain....

We started out the first part of that week (in July), biking together. Relationships broke down when Gilbert suggested that we pedal up one of our MANY HILLS. In my defense, I tried it but my heart nearly POPPED out of my chest! I'm just tooooo out of shape to try this!

I told him, "YOU bike alone and I'll walk instead."

His reply? "Yah, but I KNOW you - You won't go walking!"

MY reply? "Yah, well, just WATCH ME! YOU'LL SEE!!!!"

Hmmmmm... okay, I REALLY was determined to prove him wrong... but that determination only lasted maybe 3 days.

Then, July it rained and rained. When it wasn't raining, we had fog. Some days it was foggy with heavy mist... some days, it was foggy with light rain. Heck! some days it was HUMID, with light rain. Anyhow, I think you get the picture, here!

First part of August resembled the month of July. FINALLY the weather turned nice!! Then, it got REALLY HOT!!! Who wants to go biking or walking in ultra HOT weather?!?!?

Three weeks ago, Gilbert says to me, "Have you ever played tennis?"
I looked at him with a wary eye, "Aaaaah... yes, I think when I was a teenager. Why?"

Good Lord - WHY, oh WHY did I have to ask him "Why?" ?!?!?

He looks at me and says, "Well, I was wondering. I used to play it too, when I was a teenager and I was wondering WHERE one could play tennis... just to hit the ball around? And we could probably get the equipment at yard sales, right?"

Now, I think it's only fair to point out that we haven't seen our "teen" years since the 1970's.
Do I need to continue?!??


Soooooo.... I'm writing to tell you that today, we picked up our SECOND tennis racket, at a garage sale. His "suggestion" didn't fade away, as I had hoped.... :-(

On our way home from the yard sale, Gilbert says, "Now, we should go hit a few balls of tennis tomorrow morning, now that we're all set."

I replied, with fake enthusiasm, "Sure... but let's make it early morning. I don't want too many fans to stop and cheer us on!!"


To tell you how much we are NOT into sports, I asked Gilbert which famous tennis player he was going to be. He couldn't think of any. The only one that I could think of, was McEnroe... remember that crazy guy that took temper tantrums? Anyhow, Gilbert vaguely remembered his name. I told him I was going to be one of the William twins. He didn't know them.

Hmmm.. there are twins playing tennis, right?

And, to make matters worst, last week I watched this video of this child prodigy... playing tennis. I think she was from Poland and is now in California, for tennis lessons. I SOOOO wanted to add her You Tube on here, but couldn't find the darn video anymore. I think she's like 3 or 4 years old. AMAZING!!!

Soooooo... here's my request, from you people .........

Pray for me and my ankles, tomorrow and let's hope that "Da Girls" are fully supported and don't get loose on me!!!!


Will keep you all up to date on how this all turned out!



Greg said...

I'll be cheering for you, most likely while I sleep. Good luck!

Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

I'll be cheering you on here in California and hoping that "the girls" have a great time! Oh, and you too of course!

Have fun ... !


Elaine in SLO, Ca

Joyce said...

I don't think the Williams girls are twin, just sisters. Anyway, be careful out there, tennis can be dangerous to your health :)

searchfamilies said...

This sounds a little like me, i been doing Tennis on the Wii i like it but body don't seem to hurt on arms, shoulders & back so guess who not doing it
I will be cheering you on from the UK you go & give them some
Hugs Janice

Miriam said...

I hope you both have lots of fun playing tennis.

My tennis raquet always had a big hole in it......I could never hit the ball!!