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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Pre-Garage Sale!!!

Hi there!

My friend and her hubby just recently
purchased a home, for their son.

The elderly lady that lived there before,
became ill and had to go, unexpectedly,
in a Nursing Home.

Therefore, the home was sold with
all her "stuff" in it - 20 years of "stuff", actually.

My friend asked if I'd help her set up
a "Yard Sale" and we'd go halfers,
with the profits.

Here's a picture of the garage -
TRUST ME... there was a LOT of "stuff"
to sort through and dust off!!!
(my aching bones are protesting, tonight!!!)

PLUS, the basement is JAM-PACKED with "stuff", too!

Nope.... there's no featherweight, in this case....

The sewing machine, itself, was given to "Good Will",
but I will DEFINITELY give them a call, tomorrow.

Who knows, eh? Perhaps they still have the machine.
(I doubt it, but I can still try, eh?)

THIS baby was in a nice wooden cabinet.

And I'm hoping to get your help....

D'you guys or gals know if this is a "featherweight"?

If not, is it a very valuable or sought out machine?

Here's a close-up....

And here are 2 pictures of the serial numbers,
UNDERNEATH the machine.

Soooooo, in case some of you were wondering
and most especially, to my friend Elly....

NO, I was NOT gardening but sorting out
and dusting and cleaning and getting
items ready for our garage sale,
this coming weekend.

And GOSH... am "I" out of shape!!!!!

Plus the fact that I'm not used to
being outdoors -
I work in an office, with a nice comfortable
chair, for my butt....

Or wait! maybe I should be typing a
"Happy Face" instead of a sad face!



Hope you have a nice week!!!



Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
PamelaJ said...

No Rosa It is not a Singer Featherweight, How heavy is it look interesting I have never seen one like this. Looks like it is in a nice cabinet / table.! maybe google it ? Pam In Oz.

Frummie said...

Hi Love,
No, it's definately not a Featherweight. I have never heard of the brand.

PS why did you delete Elaine's comment, I'm nosey

quiltmom said...

It looks more like an industrial sewing machine- Hope you have some luck finding information- maybe Google will have it.
It sounds like you have been a very busy girl- I am sure you have been a terrific help and will have worked very hard for your portion of the funds. Garage sales are lots of work.
I am sure you could tell lots of interesting stories about the things you found while sorting through someone else's treasures.
Take care of those aching muscles,
Warmest regards,

=Tamar said...

They're right, it's not a Featherweight (it's not even a Singer) but it's still a neat old machine. If you use Google Images you can find lots of pictures of Featherweights; they are very distinctive looking.
The yellow and red case looks like one I saw that had a Singer model 99 in it, another nice old machine.

Elly D said...

Nope definitely not a Featherweight :).... told you I'm a cow's tail...
But I know someone who may know and so do you.... Canada..her blog is :-

Well I started at your blog and then cruised your blog visit list and ended back on your blog.LOL... now I'd better get to some sewing :)) hasta pronto :)
merst..... that's what I've been doing.... 'merst in blog hopping lame I know LOL

Jacqui's Quilts said...

Hey Rosa: Just catching up on your blog again and noticed this machine. No, it's not a Featherweight :-). Seamstress machines were made by an American company (National????..can't remember for sure), but were sold by the Eaton's company. You see them quite often here in Canada...some have very lovely cabinets. They are not worth a pile of money, but are decent, reliable sewing machines :-)