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Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'm on V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N !!!

Hi There!

I started my vacation (1 and a half weeks off!!!),

Here's my "Vacation Journal",
if you wish to follow along.


Yesterday, we went to Moncton -
that's about a 2 hour drive, from here,
and we shopped at Princess Auto.

Well, I know this topic has been discussed before....
At least in the yahoo groups that I belong to.

But, have you ever been to your local
hardware store and found items,
that seem to be PERFECT for quilting?


I think this item had been discussed before.

Well, I finally remembered to look for one
and it wasn't very expensive, either!

It's a flat surfaced magnet.
You screw in a broom handle (or whatever)
and you drag it along your sewing studio floor...
to pick up your lost pins and needles!

Cool, eh?!??!

No more bending or
on hands and knees,
looking for that needle in the haystack!


Now, I FINALLY picked up the
PERFECT little bag or tote,
IMHO !!!!

It's made by "Rubbermaid",
is light yet durable and has
TONS of little pockets, too!

Blame the photographer, but TRUST ME....
there's a LOT of storage space, here!

That's about it - a cute little tote,
that I will use to carry around my
threads, scissors, needles, wax container,
threader, thimble, appliqué project,
etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, and etc. !!!!


Hope you all have a great day!!!


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