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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sparkling Jane's Debut

Hi There!

Okay, I haven't had a chance to share my progress
on any of my "on-the-go" projects.

Here's my "Sparkling Jane",
with her flange and her
hollies and berries.

NO, I'm NOT adding "vines"....
changed my mind.

Close-up picture of her appliqué.

Another close-up picture of her
(corner) hollies and berries...

Now, here's the question that I had asked publicaly...

This will be going to a family member,
that I really don't know all that well.
I "assume" that she celebrates Christmas
and that she will appreciate it.


And, keep in mind that I still want to make
a SECOND one, like this, okay?

Here's the question, that I had asked....

Do I take TONS of hours to hand quilt this?
Do I sew "in the ditch", on my trusty
sewing machine and then,
possibly hand quilt, here and there?
Or, do I wait till I get a chance to "long arm quilt" this?

Well, since my friend has a long arm machine
and we're "supposed" to practice on it,
I figured that I'd put it away, in a bag,
with the batting and the back to it,
till we get together, to
"long arm quilt" it.


Will keep you all up to date,
once it's COMPLETELY ready!



searchfamilies said...

Lovely i am sure it will be loved.
If i had the chance to do quilting on a long arm i go for that every time
Hugs Janice

ranette said...

Oh Rosa....beautiful Sparkling Jane! The applique looks great. I would probably quilt it the way that was the fastest and I was the best at, which would be my sewing machine for me. I sure wouldn't handquilt it and then give it away though.

Paula said...

No I would not handquilt it and then give it to a person you don't know all that well....
Sparkling Jane is beautiful. I just love these Dear Jane blocks.