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Saturday, September 26, 2009

PHEW - What a Day!!!

Hi There!

Well, WHAT A DAY!!!

As we were waiting for our waitress
to bring our supper, this evening,
Gilbert and I went over ALL
the things that we did, today....
(Plus I had my friend, Miss Piggy's illness and
KJ-MacLean's illnesses on the brain....)

Anyhow, we did LOTS of different "stuff"!

For example, we got up early this morning.
Surfed the net, while sipping our Timmies coffee.
Headed out the door at 9 a.m.,
for some "Yard Sailing" and to do some errands.

Picked up a 1 dollar (high-end) kite,
at one of the yard sales!
Company's called "Go Fly a Kite".

Got my FINAL BOM (Block Of the Month),
at our Quilt Store!!!!

By 11h30, we were hungry,
so we decided to try out
one of our bigger grocery stores,
in Quispamsis.

They have a cute little
area, up on their 2nd floor,
where you can sit and eat.

Gilbert had fried potato chunks...

I had some chicken fingers and fried potato chunks.

Well, after a few more yard sales
and a few more errands,
we decided to call it "quits"
and head back home.

Gilbert played around with his
yard sale finds and I went downstairs
to work on October's (basket) BOM.

By 4 p.m., I told Gilbert that it
seemed to be one of our last
GORGEOUS days of summer,
or autumn and that the sun was out
and that there was a nice breeze
AND the fact that I had
just picked up a 1 dollar kite....

Well, wouldn't YOU call it "karma"?!??

We have a public "beach" about 1 mile away from our home.

Yep - that's the 1 dollar kite -
it's got a "Jaws" face on it!

I truly don't understand it...
It's a high-end quality kite -
I recognized the name.
The kite was BRAND NEW -
Still in it's plastic bag...

Yet, it kept nose-diving....

You know? going round and round and round,
while getting closer to the ground,
till finally it would go "kerplunk",
face first, right in the sand!

Anyone know why?

Anyhow, while we were there,
somebody was "Kite Surfing".

We watched this person,
go back and forth,
from left to right,
along the water....

And, I was truly astounded -
I had never seen that, before...
and certainly NOT at this beach!!!

And do you know ANOTHER REASON
why I was so astounded?!???

This is the Atlantic Ocean -
the Bay of Fundy, to be exact.

That water is FREEZING but
amazingly enough, apparently
NEVER freezes!
Probably too salty!

Anyhow, grab one of your big bowls,
fill it with COLD water and
add about 10 to 20 ice cubes in it.

Okay, ready?

Now, stick your hand into the bowl
for 30 minutes.


And this person's on a surf board,
being splashed by this "cold".....
No wait.. make that FRIGID water!??!?

Absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!

Anyhow, at 6h30 p.m., we're sitting
at our favorite restaurant - Vito's (uptown)
and going over all the incredible things
that we did today and the evening
was still young....

We got home and watched,
X-Files Movie....
I worked on October's Basket block,
while the movie played -
there was just too much "excitement",
for me, in that movie!


Hoping to go Geocaching tomorrow morning!



searchfamilies said...

The flying of the kite sounds like fun, my DH use to as a kid do it they would have kite fights to win better kites theirs was all home-made all they could afford
Hugs Janice

Miriam said...

The kite flying on the beach looks like fun. I don't know why it kept diving into the sand.

I hope that Kite Surfer had a good wet suit on!