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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Christmas in September - PART 2!!!

Hi there!

Yesterday, I picked up ANOTHER package!!!

My friend, Frummie, had received several bags of fabric.

Well, to make a long story short,
she generously offered them to me!

I picked up her HUGE box,
at Derringer's, in Calais, Maine (USA),

Yesterday evening and again,
this morning...
I sorted out her fabrics and had a "Finger Fest"...

You know?
Touching, dreaming, oohing and aaahing, too -
stroking the fabrics some more!

A pile of patiks, some blues, blacks and
flowered fabrics here.

And, in this picture, there's some possible
"Eye Spy" fabrics, yellows, purples/mauves
and bright pinks, greens, oranges and blues
(in the basket).

And..... In the MEANTIME,
Frummie had a blog contest going on!

YEP!!! Guess what?!??!

I won these 2 gorgeous fabrics!!!!
Chicken coop wire fabric and
chickens and/or roosters....


Now, here's ANOTHER thoughtful gifty
that Frummie surprised me!!!

Throughout our emails,
I would often mention that
I had occasional "Hot Flashes".
Frummie suggested that I get
a personal fan.


Well, she sent me one that even
GILBERT had fun with!!!

It was tucked in amongst the fabric!

A "Hi-Tech" fan!!!
You can program up to FOUR sentences!!!!
It spins and blinks and rotates -

Tks a bunch, Frummie!!!!



Faithful Quilter:Elaine's Journey said...

WOW!!! Great fabrics... that was so nice of Frummie to send to you!

LOVE the fan...I NEED one of those!! LOL!


Elaine in SLO, Ca

Miriam said...

Wow!! So much lovely fabric!! What a generous lady Frummie is!

I have a fan a bit like yours too.

Greg said...

Holy Cow!!! That was very nice of Frummie, hmm maybe I need to adopt you or you adopt me... I dunno.. Either way can I have access to your stash?

Dena said...

Frummie gifted you some beautiful fabric to add to your resources. How thoughtful of her. Love the fan!

searchfamilies said...

Great fabrics love the chicken fabric
Hugs Janice

Frummie said...

You know everything I have I share!